Selfie Stick Phone Case - iPhone 7

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A full-length (53 cm) high-tensile selfie stick that conveniently folds into a smartphone case. Made from aluminum, the selfie stick Is strong and secure, whilst remaining very lightweight. Fully automated via Bluetooth™ trigger. Finished in stylish White, Stikbox will conveniently ensure that you never miss a spontaneous selfie opportunity.

Strong & Light:

High-tensile aluminum allows the Stikbox selfie stick to be both very strong, and lightweight at the same time for the ultimate convenience.


At only 530mm deep, Stikbox is not bulky, and as convenient to carry as a standard smartphone case.


A strong enclosure will keep your phone secure whilst you take selfie photos and movies at arms length.


Activate your phone's Bluetooth™ to connect your Stikbox then take selfies/videos via the trigger button of your Stikbox.

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